Kanopy supports small business growth and community impact.

We transform small business and community data into actionable intelligence for growth, resilience, and community impact. This intelligence helps our partners support underserved small business owners so they can grow and achieve their potential.



Kanopy offers the three things Small Business Owners need most.

Better Access to Funding

Despite all the online offers and government programs, it’s still way too hard to get a loan that’s right for you. Kanopy works with national and local partners to make sure you can get the funds you need at the lowest possible price.

Local connections

Building a successful business is about what and who you know. Making these key connections with social media, online searches and visits to City Hall is way too hard and takes too long. Kanopy saves you time and effort by gathering all local information into one place and connecting you to the right people who know the area and can help you build your business.

Expert Advice

Business ownership can be lonely and it can be hard to know where to turn for help. Working with our partners, Kanopy connects each member with a personal advisor who knows your industry and is there to help you cut through red tape and make better decisions. 

The Kanopy Team

We believe it's time for an economy that works for people. We think technology has a big part to play in this, but you have to start with the right values. This is why we put your success ahead of our profit. Kanopy is motivated by a mission more than money. We’re people who want to make a difference.

Heather Sittig Headshot

Heather Sittig

CEO + Co-Founder

Stephen Coller Headshot

Stephen Coller


Carmen Gilles Headshot

Carmen Giles

Head of Team

Cory Slater Headshot

Cory Slater

Co-Founder & Product Manager

John Clippinger Headshot

John Clippinger


Joshua Shane Headshot

Joshua Shane

Co-Founder, Community Ecosystem

Sandy Pentland Headshot

Sandy Pentland



Kanopy partners with local organizations who share our mission and values and who are trusted by the people they serve. Their success is our success.

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